I am originally from Peru. I spent the last 20 years traveling and living in many different countries until I met my husband, Scobie, in Frankfurt while he was working in Paris. Soon after we met, we feel in love. After spending some time in Paris, we moved to Singapore, where we spent the last 7 years. We now have three young boys and have just embarked on our next family adventure – in Houston!

Photography has always been a part of my life, in all my difference stages. As a young independent woman and now as a mother of three amazing little boys, my art has grown up along with me...

I got my first camera many years ago, I was about 20 years - a Nikon FM3. Back then I bought myself packets of film and started to document my motorbike trips around South America.  I got some really amazing photos – and some amazingly bad ones as well.  For years this passion kept growing in me.  Back then it was a dark room and the old, simple basics.  For many years I always kept my camera with me, and even in periods when I was not shooting I always found myself clicking frames with my eyes. I started my first course as a photographer while I was studying in Buenos Aires, which is where I won my first award (to my surprise)!. 

After 3 babies, many years and a few more photography courses, I had the luck to find a mentor in the amazing Family Photographer Kirsten Lewis. Kirsten inspired me to overcome my fears and encouraged me to revisit this passion of mine and make it reality.

It took me a lot of hard work and time to manifest this into a business in Singapore, but I was able (thanks to my fantastic clients) to build a working business there around what I love – natural family photography.  Having just relocated to the US for my husband’s work, I have to start building again, but that it part of the journey. 

As a mother, photography is just not a job, it's a passion that has come back stronger and with a renewed purpose to me. To see my three boys having so much fun together and growing everyday, makes me just want to do what I do best, keep the memories forever alive.   Motherhood has certainly opened so many new windows in my life, and photography has not been left out in this amazing metamorphosys. I can see the world now through my childrens’ eyes... 

Live. Love. Laugh. Remember.